Monday, February 1, 2010

Am i a stupid or what? I just realised that i have just wasted an opportunity to confess to a girl when i was in sec 2. Frankly speaking, till now i still haven get over her. I tried many times but still cant . If i talk to her, my heart will just go faster. Is that consider like? I dont know. But one thing i know is that i still remember everything that happens during our sec 2 time although we haven been the same class for the past 3 years. But i guess you will meet a better person when you reach poly

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just watched Contender Asian or Asia forget which one.It motivate me to learn Muay Thai and also becoming a MT fighter(if possible).Haha.When i was watching, i some sort like gila(crazy).I actually like,pretend i was fighting in the ring and do action accordingly.LOL right?Haha.Later going to town and ton perhaps?Haha.Don't know what they are planning la.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hey people.Yesterday just went to watch 3D Ice Age 3.It was funny and cute(you will know why at the last part.)Spend $17 for yesterday trip.Btw if you thought of watching 3D movie in future, please don't waste/burn your money.Because the 3D graphic really SUCKS to the core man.But overall it's fine with me.

Well, as for today,went for badminton session with Kai loon for 2hrs non-stop smashing action.FUN.Haha.Then after which went to the nearest coffee shop and have lunch.I got reprimanded by the store auntie for taking the chill sauce.LOL.Nvm about that.Next week,perhaps going down to FightG and take a look there.

School gonna reopen in 2 more FREAKING DAYS ! and i haven't prepare for it YET! GOD.. !!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

YO people long long longgggg time never post since 15 may.Well,basically through out the whole june,i have been in camp all the while.Even there is break in between,there no time for me to relax here and there.Basically to wrap up all, is that through out the whole journey it was fun.Get to know other friends.Really appreciate it.And overall i will say is that..... I MISS J09 !

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why?Why?Why do people tend to regret when they lost their love ones?Why do people start to miss them and wish they are around when that person is gone forever?Sigh.That is what happen to me during my sec 2 period.I don't appreciate my parents,i disregard them,hate them and even call them names.But when one of them is gone.Means gone.Not like watching drama which we can rewind back and watch it again.NO.Until now,i can still remember how i disregard my parents.How i wish everything could just rewind back like watching drama.How i wish i can treat my parents better when i was back then.But now everything changed.Everything.Even after 3 years of yearning for my mum return,but still no valid.Once it's gone means gone forever.I hope those people after reading my this post will wake up from their foolish and silly idea,and go back to their parents.Spend more time with them.Don't make them worry for you.Sometimes when i was watching life documentary,some people said that they lose their one of the parents during sec 4 or 3,like around 15 to 16 years old.I was like kind of,'how i wish i was that age when my mum pass away'at least i'm quite big enough and mature enough to look after myself.You guys know something?My mum wants to see me reach 21 years old before she pass on.But the god love her so much then we do that the god actually took her away.All i want to say to my mum if she still alive is that,'mum,please don't leave me alone again.will you?'
Ok cya guys wake up from your foolish doing's HUH!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yo dude.What a fast day i had.Why?Because today after Pulau Semalcau(don't know is it spell this way),just for those people who don't what is Pula Semalcau,basically it's a landfill where singapore dump all our rubbish there.It's predic that by 2045,the whole landfill will be completely fill up.Now there is a problem,if by then,where are we going to dump our rubbish?SO! people think huh.After the trip,went back to class,just not long,like around 20mins?We went for break.LOL.How cool is that?Haha.LOL.BTW,just now i did the most foolish thing on earth.What happen was,i actually intend to get the dust pan and broom to swept my room.But in the end,i took dust pan and a pole.LOL.I find it so funny that i actually laugh at myself.And guess what my dad shouted?'HEY YOU SIAO AR?' LOL.haha.Ok that's all folks.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey people!Starting the day with a very tiring morning.Why?Because yesterday night i try using the CE engine to hack restaurant city.Just in case you don't know what is CE,it stand for Cheat Engine.Meaning,just use that engine go and hack other games or stuff.I spend like 3 to 4 hours figuring out how to use?haha.Slept yesterday night at 3.31am.My dad knock at the door and said 'hah boy,haven't sleep ar.What time already'.Haha funny thing was i replied with.'dad i just woke up going to school'.LOL.Speaking about funny.Yesterday or the day before,i cant remember much,just got this fellow answer the phone in a very funny way.Because at that moment the class was slient and his phone ring (btw he is a weird guy)and the whole class BOOed him.Then this is how he react to the call.HIM:HELLO! WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT?!.I AM IN THE MID-OF THE CLASS.haha!.he shouted and can you imagine how you will react to the person who talk to you like this?It's like LOL la,you can just get out of the class and answer to the phone what.Need to shout?Hello?We are not holdng any some sort of parade here.LOL.Sometimes i pity Mohan.Why?Haiz... Long story haha.The potong guy..Opps.. hope he doesn't see this.Haha.Ok cya.


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